Roadmap will be updated quarterly. A clear sky ahead!
Q2 - 2022 ROADMAP
✅ Team Building and Project Design
✅ Project Release: Website, Social Media, IDO, Airdrop Campaign
✅ Create #100.000 Genesis Sneakers Free Mint
✅ Internal Test and Fix Bugs. Tutorials + FAQs update
✅ App Download available on iOS and Android. Earning + Level Up features locked
✅ Partnership with other NFT Marketplaces, NFT Calendars, DappRadar, Playtoearn, etc.
✅ BETA Test campaign with initial NFT Utilities and Prizes for BETA testers.
$BAPE trading available on DEX & CEX (ETA 10 July). App new patch update.
$APE trading available on DEX & CEX (ETA 15-20 July). All app features unlock
$BAPE & $APE listing on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko
Q3 - 2022 ROADMAP
✅Exclusive NFT drop with top-tier NFT collections (BAYC & MAYC)
✅Engaged bloggers, influencers, celebrities as partners
✅More strategic partners announcement
✅Launching more contest and social networking communities
✅Improving the app and adding new in-app features (Gems, Upgrade NFTs, Minting scroll, etc,)
🔹Run History system
✅iOS app version release
🔹CEX listing for $BAPE token
🔹CEX listing for $APE token
🔹Integrating NFT domains for users
✅APEmove long-term Economics theory release
✅$BAPE token liquidity farming
✅Unlock $BAPE earning feature
✅Release APEfarmer functions (KEYs, EGGs, PETs, APEfarmer Marketplace)
✅Adding more "Sneakers burning" mechanics