Step 2: Open Shoeboxes or buy a Sneaker on Marketplace


Step 1: Go to Click on "Open Box" button if there is a shoebox.

Step 2: Check detail data of the Shoebox by clicking on the box image:

In detail page, you can check:

  1. Rarity of the Shoebox: Common/Rare/Unique/Mythic/Legendary

  2. Open Box -> receive the Sneaker NFT. Check the Drop Rate in

  3. "Gift" function to transfer NFT to another wallet

Step 3: Click on "Open Box" and "Sign" message (Zero Gas fee) on your Metamask or other Web3 wallets. After 3s, your Sneakers will be ready with detail attributes.

A new minted sneaker will have "Durability" = 100/100 and "Mint" = 0/7

Buy a Sneaker on Marketplace

Transfer BNB to Marketplace wallet to buy your favorite sneakers. To understand about sneaker's types/rarities/stats please refer to .

Watch full process of Tutorial here:

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