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Step 2: Open Shoeboxes or buy a Sneaker on Marketplace


Step 1: Go to Click on "Open Box" button if there is a shoebox.

Open Box

Step 2: Check detail data of the Shoebox by clicking on the box image:

Check Detail

In detail page, you can check:

  1. 1.
    Rarity of the Shoebox: Common/Rare/Unique/Mythic/Legendary
  2. 2.
    Open Box -> receive the Sneaker NFT. Check the Drop Rate in Broken link
  3. 3.
    "Gift" function to transfer NFT to another wallet
Detail data of the Shoebox

Step 3: Click on "Open Box" and "Sign" message (Zero Gas fee) on your Metamask or other Web3 wallets. After 3s, your Sneakers will be ready with detail attributes.

Sign Message
The Sneaker detail page
A new minted sneaker will have "Durability" = 100/100 and "Mint" = 0/7

Buy a Sneaker on Marketplace

Transfer BNB to Marketplace wallet to buy your favorite sneakers. To understand about sneaker's types/rarities/stats please refer to Broken link.

Watch full process of Tutorial here:

On Desktop
On Mobile