Free Mint NFTs (CLOSED)

How to free mint NFTs on APEmove Webiste?
Go to browser:
On Mobile & Desktop
STEP 1: Click “CONNECT” button to connect with your Web3 wallet. Currently we support Metamask, Trust Wallet, Nabox Wallet,.. Please make sure to use BNB Chain network.
STEP 2: Choose the number of NFT Shoeboxes you want to “MINT” by click “+” or “-” button. After that, click “FREE MINT”. The NFTs are Free, but the gas fee is around 0.0014 BNB per transaction, so please prepare a little BNB in your wallet.
STEP 3: After you minted the NFTs, please check those in your wallet through TxID shown after the transaction completed. Click “TO INVENTORY” button to check your Shoeboxes. Special Note: You have to FREE MINT at least 1 NFT to be qualified for receiving $BAPE airdrop