Leasing System (Coming Soon)

The struggle we face with onboarding new users into the game is that it can be complicated for non-crypto users to get started. To use blockchain-based apps, users need to set up a Web3 wallet, convert regular money into cryptocurrency and get used to the Web 3.0. APEmove plans to break down this barrier via their leasing system which simplifies the process.
We've made it easy to get started by providing a simple Web3 marketplace to lease. Download the app, go sign up and you're ready to start exploring!
To start renting they will need to apply, and after being matched with a leaser they will need to agree to the leaser's terms before the contract is approved. Your Sneaker can be rented for up to 24 hours at a time, after which it will return back to you.
Rental Agreement usually range from 7 to 14 days and any violations of the agreement will lead to a 1-star deduction from lessee's credit score.
Whenever a user completes a session in the Single Player Mode, the Smart Contract will distribute earnings in accordance with the rental agreement. The renter and leaser rewards are fixed (TBD). Users will be rewarded for completing sessions with 0.2 credits.

Credit System (Coming soon)

Lessees are required to do some educational quizzes first in order to gauge their level of knowledge. Once they reach 4/10, they can start renting.
This process ensures renters are able to understand the fundamentals of the app, preventing them from misuse and not receiving any benefits (i.e. driving motorbike or car to cheat or walking with a Runner sneaker).
Credit Rating is maximum capped at 10/10.